What currency is used?

All prices are shown in Australian dollars $AUD

Where are you located?

We are based in Sydney, Australia

What are your shipping times and costs?

We've covered all your shipping questions over here 

How can I track my order?

We know you're keen to get your goodies asap but there is no need to stalk your postman! We'll send you an email when your order is fulfilled and Australia Post will send you an email when your item leaves our HQ with tracking information. Once items leave our hands, we unfortunately aren't able to control what happens to them. We ship through Australia Post and you can contact them here to track your order or follow-up missing parcels. 

Help! I forgot to enter my discount code at the checkout

Discount codes must be entered correctly at the checkout in order to be validly redeemed so do make sure you double check before proceeding with your order. Unfortunately Wilde Essence + Co is unable to apply discounts retrospectively if you have forgotten to enter your code, or failed to enter your code correctly during checkout. Only one promotional or coupon code may be applied to each order. Take a peek at our Terms + Conditions page for full details. 

I like your labels but I want some changes made. Do you customise items?

As much as we'd love to accomodate customisation requests, we're unable to make changes to our existing ranges.  We are committed to providing you with the best quality which means our labels are professionally printed and we can not do small runs of customised designs. We do however love collaborations and working on new designs. If you would like to collaborate on a custom range, please send your enquiry to hello@wildeessence.co. Minimum numbers apply.

I only want some labels from each range... do you sell them individually?

No we don't. Quite simply the best way to get these gorgeous labels into your hot little hands is by designing and producing them as sets, with one of each labels in the range per sheet.  

Tell me about your materials... will they last?

All our labels and recipe cards are professionally printed. Our labels and cap stickers are printed on moisture and oil resistant vinyl with a gloss laminate covering.  We use only the best materials to ensure that your products not only look good but stay that way. 

Our 10ml roller bottles are made of thick, clear glass with black caps and glass roller balls. The thickness of the bottles make them more durable, however, like any glass product, they will still break under force. 

So I've bought your labels, how can I best care for them? 

We want your labels to last as much as you do. It's not our aim for you to have to be replacing your labels all the time. That's why our labels are water proof and oil proof. However the less contact with carrier and essential oils the better. So please use caution when pouring into your bottles. Funnels can be super helpful tools. Also, when applying your labels, ensure your bottle is dry and completely clean of any residue first. Press firmly on all edges of the label to ensure they stay down and if needed rub the sides of the labels to ensure they adhere to the bottles properly. We know you're keen to get blending, but it's recommended you wait for a few hours after applying the labels before filling your bottles. 

Can I run a make + take class or workshop with your kits?

Yes! We love supporting wellness advocates who are running their own businesses, so head on over to our resources page to check out our hot tips for running a make + take workshop with our labels and kits. All you need to do is supply your oils and expertise for your guests.

Ok then, which ranges are best for classes?

All our ranges can be used to run make + takes. With so many ranges, there is something to suit all of your customers. The most popular kits for general classes tend to be the Help kit and Happiness kit. The Mums and Bubs and Little People kits are great for mother's groups. The Chakra and Intentional kits have been popular with yoga and wellness centres. 

I'd like to purchase your labels + kits in bulk to run classes, share with my team etc. Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We'd love to support your business and so if you're looking to make regular, larger orders, please fill out this form to apply for a wholesale membership! Occasionally we do run limited time sales using special codes. Please note that if you forget to enter the code at checkout, we can not apply discounts once your order is processed.

Can I make up blends with your labels and sell them as a wellness advocate, at markets, on my Facebook page/website etc?

No sorry you can't. We sell labels and not made up blends and any liability for what is put into blends with our labels belongs to the person who made the blend. if you run workshops using our labels to make rollers/products or make them for gifts or personal use, the contents are at your discretion and responsibility for safe use. Check out the disclaimer on our products and in our T&Cs for more info on this. 

Can I collaborate with you in running competitions or promotions?

We love working with like-minded businesses. If you have an idea for a competition, promotion or other type of collaboration, please email us at hello@wildeessence.co.

Can I sell your products?

If you are an approved stockist then yes! We are now working with a select amount of stockists. We do not allow the resale of our products, or using our images or copy without our permission. We are taking expressions of interest for stockists. If you would like to talk to us further about this opportunity, please email us on hello@wildeessence.co

Do you provide recipes?

Yes we do! Our recipes have been thoroughly researched and for our mums + bubs and little people ranges, we've followed recommended dilution guidelines. However, our recipes are suggested only and you're still responsible for doing your own research and testing any blends before use, especially if using new oils. Check out the disclaimer printed on our labels for more information on safety and use. 

I'm making blends for babies and kids. Do you have dilution guidelines somewhere?

We sure do. Check out our resources page for a handy chart!

What type of carrier oil do you recommend?

Our recipes suggest using fractionated coconut oil. It stays liquid and it's beautiful on the skin.  If you've not used it before, make sure you patch test first though. If coconut oil isn't your thing, there are lots of alternatives. Try sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, jojoba ...

I'm new to essential oils and only have the Home Essentials Kit, is there a range that's best for me?

Whilst our recipes can be used with any brand of essential oil, our HELP range has been designed with the doTERRA Home Essentials Kit in mind. This means that if you're new to oils and have just bought a kit, or if you're looking for a workshop theme for new or prospective enrolees or an incentive, this range is going to be awesome for you. 

I've bought all your ranges! When can I get something new?

We love that you love our current ranges and we've always got our thinking caps on for new ideas. We'd love to hear your thoughts on what we can be working on next, so don't be afraid to email us on hello@wildeessence.co with what you'd like to see in our store. To keep in the loop about new releases, make sure we're friends and follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

I've got nothing to put my labels on. Do you sell bottles?

We sell 10ml clear glass roller bottles in sets of 7 with our full roller bottle kits (that's one per label!). We do not sell rollers separately. We do not sell small or large spray bottles but there are many suppliers of these bottles around Australia. 

Are your products compliant?

We follow the Approved Claims List guidelines to provide you with safe, third-party sharing tools.

Our products do not:

  • Make medical claims

  • Claim that essential oils cure or treat disease

  • Suggest that essential oils replace your medication

  • Use brand names or trademarked blend names (we use generic names such as Cleansing Blend or Protective Blend).

Our products do:

  • Make using and sharing your essential oils easier

  • Focus on your safety by following recommended dilution guidelines in our suggested recipes

What essential oils do you use and where can I purchase them from?

Our suggested recipes are designed to be used with any brand of essential oil, however we recommend doing your own research and ensuring you are using high quality, pure essential oils for the best therapeutic benefits.

Kate and Amy both personally use doTERRA essential oils for many reasons. If you would like help sourcing certified, pure therapeutic grade essential oils, please email hello@wildeessence.co and we will gladly assist you.