Make + Take Workshop Tips 

Pre-workshop tips

  • Choose a theme for your workshop and purchase the appropriate label range. We recommend purchasing your labels or kits at least three weeks before your event to allow for processing and shipping times and to order any additional oils you need for the recipes. 
  • Decide how many roller bottles you would like each guest to make. We suggest having a label sheet per guest and deciding how many bottles your guests will be making (we recommend one to two rollers per person). We have great discounts for purchasing in bulk. Keep an eye out for regular specials e.g. 10% off for orders over $100, or take a look at our wholesale membership designed for bulk purchases when using our labels and kits within your business.
  • Be sure to have all the supplies you need for your event (see supplies below)
  • Invite people to your workshop one to two weeks before the event. You can easily and quickly create online event invitations using Facebook and EventBrite (great for paid workshops). This will allow you to send invites and reminders, keep track of attendees, collect payment and have all the information in one handy place. 
  • Our labels are designed to fit 10ml roller bottles and the recipes we include are for 10ml roller bottles (except for Clean + Fresh). You can choose to have guests make 5ml samples by half filling these bottles, or the full size.

Running your workshop

  • If your guests are new to essential oils, make sure you educate them on the benefits, safety guidelines and uses of essential oils at the beginning of your workshop.
  • Have an additional resources (e.g. resource books, tear pads) available for guests to browse through.
  • Have a recipe card and the allocated amount of roller bottles around the table for each guest. Have each guest apply the labels to the roller bottles themselves and create their blends from the recipes provided.  
  • What to do with left over labels? You may choose to let guests take home the rest of the label sheet and recipe card to continue making more blends (encourage a wellness consult or purchase plan to ensure they have the oils they need at home!). Alternatively keep these labels for future classes, or use them to provide free blends to new enrolees (see class options below). 
  • You might like to provide some tasty snacks made using essential oils during your workshop (think bliss balls, raw slices, veggie sticks and dips).
  • Allow your guests the opportunity to ask questions and talk through enrolment options if appropriate.

Workshop options

1. Charge a flat fee per person for attending the workshop

Calculate this amount based on the cost of your supplies (labels, bottles, oils, resources etc). Charge this fee to all attendees whether they are current, new or prospected members. Included in that fee the cost of the allocated  number of roller bottles they are making, and if you choose, the take home pack with the rest of the labels, recipe card and possibly additional roller bottles (great if you've purchased our full kits including the linen storage bags!)

2. Free with enrolment

For each guest that is new to essential oils, you could opt to offer the workshop and blends for free when they enrol with you. Or you could still charge the workshop fee and offer additional blends from left over labels as an enrolment incentive. 


  • Labels, cap stickers and recipe sheets (available from our shop)
  • 10ml roller bottles (if you've got your own, great! If not, look at our full roller bottle kits)
  • Fractionated coconut oil (or another carrier oil of your choice)
  • The essential oils required to make the recipes as per the recipe sheet
  • Resources such as books (e.g. modern essentials or emotions and essential oils), tear pads, enrolment forms